Thursday, September 3, 2009

This feels like a divorce....

At this point, I realize I actually got it done after all of these years of wanting to and debating, and now it's sad. It feels like a divorce. I am not sure how I will actually handle having it gone and not being able to see it anymore. I really liked my tattoo some days, but the days I didn't...I hated it with a passion and those times took precedence. I didn't take many pictures of it cause as the years went on the color faded and the original tattoo came through pretty well to make the rose really dark, so it was a depressing...dark flower. I thought about at times having it redone to make it look blue, but I knew from far away it would like a blob. I am kind of sad about this, but I have wanted this for so long. I realize if anything I can have something of my choosing put over it if it comes to that.

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