Thursday, September 3, 2009


Current Tattoo: Rose with a red flower and two green and yellow petals on both sides
Colors Included: Red, green, yellow, white, and black
Size: 4" X 1 ½"

Originally Tattooed: February 1999
Cover-Up: End of 2000

Cost Per Treatment: $350

Trivantage Laser (candela)
532- red/yellow/orange
755- green/teal
1064- black/purple

Time in between treatments: 8 Weeks
The PA said my immune system will remove the particles for up to 8 weeks after each treatment, so getting them done any sooner is a waste of money and increasing the scarring or pigmentation problems.

I started this chronicle in a notepad, so you may notice the dates don't match up or I may fix that later. Let me know if you have any questions about my tattoo removal or anything I may have left out about the process!

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