Friday, April 2, 2010

Numero Six is Out of the Way

I just had treatment number six, and it went great as usual! I am getting used to the needle pricks and pops of the laser, but of course the PA does a great job of making sure I feel as little as possible (Thank you Jennifer!). 

This time (April 1, 2010) I finally remembered my camera, so I can share an "ash" photo. I guess this is my skin turning to!

**Notice the instant swelling, as depicted by the bulge on the left side of my arm.  This is why bandaging the first night is an arduous task. It becomes my arm with a tennis ball and a tent a-top!

Here are some other photos while I was in the doctor's office, so you see what it was for me pre-six:

Here is the before and after for my last treatment, so the photo on the right was taken in the same place and time (for lighting purposes) as the one just before treatment number 5. You are therefore seeing the effects of one laser treatment, before and after treatment five.

Very subtle! It really exemplifies the whole reality that the laser "fades" the tattoo away.

Well...I'll keep you posted. Thanks for visiting, and a special Thank You to everyone who has left encouraging and supportive comments, I really appreciate it!


  1. wow, it's looking great! can't wait to see the next posting :)


  2. Thank you for posting this blog...I am going through Tattoo removal as well and totally agree when I was doing research I couldn't find a lot of information other then what the Laser places posted. Although I am on laser number 7 and not having as much success as you, your story shows me that the lasers do work. My tattoo was pretty new when I started to remove it about a year ago. But you live and you learn.

  3. Shannon,

    Sorry to hear is not going well for you :(
    I have wanted my tattoo off for years, but I knew it would be hard to remove it with fresh ink. So I waited and covered it up for maybe 5 years. I have yet to wear tank tops or anything that even comes close to showing the tattoo in so many years. I give you credit for starting the process. If I had just done it all those years ago, I would be all done by now. So even though it takes more treatments, it's not that long when you think about getting on with your life that much sooner. I feel like we have a lifetime to earn money but only a short period of time where we really get to enjoy our body.

    Stick in there, I am sure the end is near. I feel like I still need 4 treatments (even though I was quoted with as little as 5), and even then I might just dermabrasion it off. Well, that's what I tell myself anyway...eeek!

  4. Well I just had number 8 done on Monday...Originaly I was told it would take around 10, then they upped it to 12 (6 weeks apart). Since July will be a year since I started it I decided to go every 4 weeks which I know will end up being more money & pain in the long run but I really just want to be done with it and do not want to keep this going for another year or two. I know what you mean though I hate wearing shorts/skirts in the summer or even anything that will show it because it is so big it is hard to cover even with a thick banded flip flop :( and especially now since it is a little faded it looks worse then the original tattoo.

  5. I just got my first treatment 5 days ago... I'm so glad I found this blog! My tattoo is about 90% black and I was quotes 4-6 treatments... so far this first one hasn't been pleasant, but I am starting to heal. I don't really notice too much of a difference either so it's a little frustrating.

    I can't wait for updated pics!