Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~ Patience ~

After considering it for awhile and getting good advice from all the readers, I decided I need to put at least 8 weeks between each treatment. I really need to maximize everything from money to healing time to ink removal.

Especially now, when I am seeing more and more textural changes, I need to give my skin the utmost amount of time to heal. I would normally be going in for a treatment next week, but I still have small areas of fresh 'scar' tissue. Where if you rub or scratch it, the skin sheaths-off rather easily and bleeds. I do not think this should constitute completely healed skin which is ready for another treatment. I also think this kind of occurrence is happening later and later post-treatments probably due to a weakening of the skin over time from all the burns so far.

I scheduled my next appointment for July 15th, 2010. This is almost 10 weeks after my May 6th treatment, and I am exited to see where my skin and the ink itself will be at that time. I will probably take some pics of the tattoo next week, so we can see where I would of been had I gone in for a treatment. We can then compare this to where I will actually be say July 14th. I wonder if we'll see any ink disappear on its own between now and then. That would be exciting! That would also be the point of patience between treatments.

Lastly, some good news to report, I can now see a lot more white skin (which is probably hypo-pigmented) where all that pink skin was, so it is looking really good and like the removal is making much better progress. I knew it at the time, but my latest reminder to you and myself is to wait until the tattoo is really healed after a treatment (usually at least 4 weeks) before you start making any judgments about progress or the future. Also, I think we all know what is best for us. For example, I need to slow down, some of us may need to stop treatments, and some of us need to begin treatments. Whatever you feel you need to do is probably the right thing to do, so just trust yourself and trust that things will work-out, when and how they should!

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  1. I have a question.
    I just had my first lazer tattoo session 9 days ago the scabs and peeling already is finished, but now my skin is a raw pink color and I'm also dark skinned, Will this clear up did you get anything like this? Thank you.