Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Morning Before Number 11

!!This afternoon I am getting my eleventh treatment done!!

I feel it's a good thing at this point, because I am that much closer to be rid of this tatty-tat. I realized in my last post that the photos make the tattoo look pretty non-existent, however that is not the case. When you draw back the camera, so to say, you can clearly see the tattoo. I'd like to mention that I showed the tattoo to someone recently, whom had never seen it before, and they said they could not tell what it was originally. Nice! That is definitely a good thing! Do I actually believe them? Probably not.

Here are the best photos I was able to take to show an accurate picture of what I see when I look in the mirror (as of 6-24-11):

In this first one, it shows how the light can bounces off of the different texture (scar tissue) that is now the area of the tattoo to make it appear a little lighter. 

In this photo, the glare somehow takes the light off of the tattoo just enough to show how much pigment is still there.

These are day and night photos, essentially. The tattoo is harder to see in the daylight with the light bouncing off it, but in lesser light, it stands out more. This may be due to the crazy tan that you can see around the tattoo in the first picture.

I have been pretty good at shielding my tattoo from the sun these past couple years, but I have been terrible at localizing the "covering medium" to just the tattoo. When I have been out in the sun, say at the beach or pool, I usually wrap my upper arm in an Ace Bandage, which creates a horribly highlighting tan effect. This summer I resolved to tackle that issue by putting duck tape over my tattoo! I purchased some flesh colored duck tape online.

This worked great! I was able to cut out a template of my tattoo and make cover-ups rather easily. After I spent one afternoon in the park sunning, some people didn't even notice I was wearing the tape...even though the shinny nature of it alone would seem to me to give it away...? However I can only recommend this for dry activities, the duck tape is not sticky enough to last through the pool. My sweaty arm from a few hours at the park was almost too much for it. 

For my upcoming swimming adventures, I switched to something called Gorilla Tape*. It is black but much, much, stickier. 

*Caution: This tape smells really weird, and I am not sure it is safe for the skin!

After a couple times at the pool, I was able to minimize the exaggerated farmer's tan I had created.

That's where I am at today!

Now off to the dermatologist's office .........


  1. Genius! Love the duct tape idea!

  2. is that the scarring from the removal??

  3. Hello Im in same situation! Do you mind showing me a picture of it today Im up to my last 4treatment. Same colours bit of blue left bit bigger tattoo on arm. Im a bit concerned about the after texture the skin tones it would mean the world to me if you can show me a picture of it today . :-) thank you iv lost hope to keep going but want it gone . Georgiechaffer_@hotmail.com