Monday, February 10, 2014

Back at it!

Hello Tattoo Removal Peeps!

Well, after taking almost two years off of the removal process, I'm back at it! I didn't intend to take so much time off, but with my graduate work and actual work, I didn't have the time nor money to continue at the pace I was going. No worries though, they picked me up right where I left off. They didn't charge extra, raise the price, nor require a new consultation, so I was super stoked at how easy it was. I had another treatment last Thursday (February 6th). It was the same as the last time as far as the laser for tattoo removal goes. The ruby laser and then they did two passes on it, which they zap it all once and then go over the same area and zap it again. The only difference was that this time they also incorporated a second laser for skin resurfacing, which is to promote collagen growth and improve the overall look of the skin. This was oddly painful! As I mentioned, they had already done two passes with the ruby laser, which targets the ink and when it hits your skin it's like a pop, but you don't feel like it's penetrating too deep. The laser skin resurfacing laser literally cuts holes in your skin, and that's exactly what it felt like. Mind you, they gave me injections of local anesthesia prior to the ruby laser, and then in between the laser switch, they rubbed numbing cream on the area. I am sure it helped on some level, but I could feel that thing burning holes into my skin in a row of about twenty holes each time they swept the laser across my arm. It felt like I was being sawed with a laser because I could feel it cutting the tissue, which is unlike the tattoo lasers, which feel like a pop on the surface or mildly penetrating. I would later go on to read that when they do the laser skin resurfacing for other areas such as the face they use general anesthesia to put people under, which makes sense, because I was highly anesthetized and I could still feel it pretty intensely :( By the way, they did two passes of it, so not only did I feel it once but I had to suffer it again. Though it may seem awful, I can see how it will be worth it, as my removal treatments have left my skin damaged. I'm not sure if it is due to poor aftercare on my part or what, but I had tiny holes in the skin that once applied with cover-up, such as makeup, would get filled in and take a couple days to get it out of there. See below:
Sorry for the low quality on these images, they were taken a year ago, and I think was just trying to capture it for my own viewing, as I didn't have the blog in mind. But I think you get the point!

So I'm grateful to be tackling this aspect of it, as it will make it easier down the road to cover anything up if I want a flawless look. The thing to note about this procedure is that only medical doctors (dermatologists and plastic surgeons) can perform this procedure, so you have to go to one of those clinics. Luckily I do, so they can do it at the same time, and it really didn't cost anything extra. Super bonus!!!

So let's look at where I was prior to this treatment (number........?? oops, I lost count!) the day of and the day before February 6th, 2014:

In my opinion, there was still A LOT of ink, but everyone would say the opposite when they looked at it. That's why I like these pics, because they really pick up on what I see up close.

So, that's where I am at currently. I'll post pics of the healing process with these two lasers, because it really looks different than anything before. Here's a preview:

Here you can really see how the resurfacing laser burned a bunch of holes in the skin. They didn't blister really at all, just a bunch of tiny scabs, which develop over the next few days to look a little more intense. It's definitely more red than previous times as well. 

***Update***     It's treatment number!!!!


  1. Your removal looks like it's going well. So did they offer you anything to reduce the pain? Especially since they did two passes of the laser in one session?

  2. I'm curious whether the pigmentation fades overtime? Do you have an update on this post? thanks!

  3. oh gosh thank you for coming back! i thought you'd stop blogging about your tattoo removal process for good! :( would love to continue reading about your tattoo removal process. all the best to you girl!

  4. I want to get one of my tattoos redone. I'm afraid it might scar in the shape of the tattoo though. Have you experienced any scaring with yours? Thanks for all the information!

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  6. It looks like you might have some scarring and/or permanent hypopigmentation. I hope it doesn't end up looking worse than the tattoo. I thought the tattoo looked good, why are you having it removed?

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