Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 Weeks Post Treatment

Well after the first two weeks, I am still not to normal. A day or two after the scratch fest and subsequent peeling incident, the skin over-top the tattoo began to look very glossy and slightly wrinked, like a thin scar, and that skin has been peeling for awhile. The good new is the feeling of being hot to the touch has disappeared. The tattoo does seem to have darkened in color since the peeling incident when the tattoo was bright pink, so I am not sure why but I hope it is due to the scar like tissue or a residual 'tan'. In some places there is a dark brown cloud, I believe this to be why it is darker and due to some wort of "tanning" from having my skin hot for so long. Bummer...I was really looking forward to having a pink rose for awhile! Next time, when it gets to the point where I can put lotion on but it is still hot, I am going to use straight Aloe Vera to take out the heat.

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