Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brown Clouds?

Well my tattoo is starting to feel a little like it did a week ago. I am experiencing some itching and bumps, but the bumps are under the tattoo not atop as before. I believe this to be a sign of my immune system attacking the now smaller pigments. I wish I could see this progress, but I have also developed a brown cloud in the tattoo. I thought it was just the on the perimeter, but it is inside as well. I believe this is why it looks more true to red now instead of the pretty pink flower I had upon removing the burned skin. I wonder if this is a scar. I know I tend to hyper-pigment when I get a cut, but it always fades rather quickly. I have my next treatment in about 6 weeks, and I am starting to think what is going to happen to this wound over time from getting this done again and again. I really want to see my skin completely normal at least two weeks before the next treatment. I wonder what I can do to speed the healing?

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