Friday, October 30, 2009

2nd Treatment Out of The Way!

This is me after taking off the first bandage post-treatment and contemplating my next week of polysporin and bandages :(

Well my 2nd treatment is done. Well part of it anyway. There was a problem with the machine, so this time only the black and green got lasered. This time was also different, because today and from now on, the intensity of the laser will increase each time to see how much my skin can take. I think I definitely noticed this increase, because upon taking off my bandage, I discovered a lot of blood unlike last time when I had next to none. Also, the softball of inflammation is already there, and this time around I am having to use an ace bandage over my non-stick pads, because the paper tape cannot compare to the swelling, and it just wouldn't lay down.

I have taken some initial pictures today, but it is dark and my camera is either too bright with the flash or too dark without when taking up-close shots. The only thing I really wanted to show was that the blisters are already making their appearance, because if you remember, last time it took days for the blisters to form. This time they are also less uniform and large in size. So I will get my pics of today edited and put them up as well.

In the upcoming weeks, I will address some things I should have specified in regards to my healing process and some mistakes I made the first time around. For informational purposes, I will also be posting the name and types of lasers I am using just in the case anyone wanted to know (see "Stats"). Also, the dermatologists office has been taking pictures, and I will hopefully get copies of those as well, as they are much better than my camera.

The last thing I wanted to note is the doctor said she was really impressed with my progress, and she said she is not easily impressed at this point in her career!! Yeah to some good news!

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