Sunday, November 1, 2009

Third day brings familiarity....

The thing to note in this picture is the blood pooling in the petals did not happen the first time around. Scroll down to see the pics from day 3.

The third day brings familiarity, because the small uniform blisters have made their appearance as scheduled. One thing I noticed early on after this treatment was the immediate appearance of blisters, so I thought this time around the healing process would be unpredictable (most likely from the increase in heat). It's nice to see the healing happening in a familiar progression, so I can be a little more confident in how it will turn out at the end of this round. I don't want any scarring!! There is still a bit of a difference, because the blisters are actually blood blisters. If I had to pick one thing to note about my 2nd time around, it would be that I'm always bleeding, whereas the first time almost none at all (except that which came from the needle pricks).

Also, I am starting to see the characteristic bruising, although I think since I did not get the laser for the red ink, which last time felt really hot on the surrounding skin (the skin not anesthetized), I won't bruise as much. I really believe that laser hit not only hotter but harder.


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  2. Thank you for documenting this. I just got my first treatment on Friday, Nov 20 and am seeing things that I thought were signs of an infection or allergic reaction (the redness around the site). They really don't explain the healing process in depth. My dermatologist was very informative but they miss stuff sometimes. So again, thanx. I'll be keeping up!

  3. Thanks for writing this has helped me heaps...I had my first treatment on the 12th of December, and a liitle over 2 1/2 weeks it's flared up and is itchy as hell. Please keep's great to see your progress