Thursday, January 28, 2010

!! I Finally Peeled !!

Well, I finally got that yuck skin off last night.  One thing I always notice is that the peel session really amps up the burning feeling (in general and to the touch).  I wonder why the brown layer coming off would have this effect, or how could having that skin on mask the intensity of the hot feeling if it was always there?  This time I am going to ice it (or put a cold beer on it in between sips) and see if the sensation will subside any faster.  This could improve the look of it...speed the healing...or just stop the burn!

Also, when I went in for treatment number four, the PA said, "OK, you have some textural changes" which in layman's term means the petal on my left (the one that is going away the fastest) is scarring.  Yes, if you hear, "textural change" that means you're headed to a scar if you're not careful.  I think it's taking more hits and rubbing due to the fact that I sleep on my back.  So, my goal this time around was to sleep on my stomach as much I could.  I figured wear away at the other petal, and maybe they will even out! Additionally, I used more cream on that area than before.

I will post a pic tomorrow of how I am looking.

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