Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pic Problems

I am trying to post some pics of my last treatment, but for some reason they are being flipped.  I guess I will just post them and change them later.

I wanted to post this one, because this is what I seen on day four and thought, "Woohoo, will all this pink and red my treatments are probably over!".

Not quite!  This is really what I am now looking at...more color! However, I think
  some of this color could be due to the bruising.

         This is good shot of those initial blisters, but
          it is also a good way to see how the
   laser really does not harm or puncture the skin.

I will say as far as healing goes that I am starting to itch which means that burned or "black" layer of skin will be ready to come off in a couple to a few days.  I really hope this isn't the start of two week long healing bouts...scary!

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